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    Just waiting...

    Hi guys!

    I wish I `d found this website earlier....
    Well, my story - just the short version
    I ` m a German, married to an Army soldier and at the moment I` m waiting for the interview in Frankfurt. We put in my petition 27th of April. For the most part, from what I heard, you get that interview appointment 60 days after turning in the petition.
    Since I can t wait to see my husband again: does anybody know how long it takes - or am I acting too German (impatient).

  2. Just waiting... # 2
    What petition are we talking about ? ... there are several, and some take longer than others
    Did your husband file the papers in Frankfurt directly?

    Is there a particular reason why we discuss this in the English only section? Not that I care ... but most of us are capable of speaking German

  3. Just waiting... # 3

    Just need to practise...

    and get rid of my German accent...no, you can approach that thread into the German sector if it doesn t fit in here.
    Yes, my husband himself put in the petition, so we are talking about the 60 to 90 days procedure.

  4. Just waiting... # 4
    No it's fine if you want to practice English ... I have no problem with that. Usually you get more answers if you ask these type of questions in the Visa section. But that's your decision

    So, to make it perfectly clear; your husband was living in Germany when he filed the papers with the US Consular Office in Frankfurt - correct? You filed either DCF/IR-1 or DCF/CR-1 ?

    These petitions take anywhere from 3 to 6 months according to the timelines.

  5. Just waiting... # 5


    ..and after we turned in the paper work we got this nice yellow piece of paper, which says that the procedure from the day you turned in the petition to your interview appoinment takes 60 to 90 days. A friend of mine did the exact same thing, just a month earlier and she had her interview after 60 days and after the interview she got the visa within 6 or seven days. I don t remember exactly. I already passed the medical examination.
    To be more precisly: is that 60 days after the turning in the rule or was she just lucky!?
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