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    Question about Extention of Status

    Hi Guys
    A Year ago i filed for my remove of conditional residential Status ( I-751) to get my 10 Year Green Card and in March they send me a Letter (Notice of Action) which says that my Status is extended for one Year,in that Case that would mean End of March 2009.Painfully aware of the Ways USCIS works,i tried to check for my Case Status online,cause its already Mid January..TheTable of Processing Times says that they just work on December 2007 and i am afraid they will not get to my Application in Time.The System does not recognize my Receipt Number and neither did the Phone as i called my Service Center.So what am i suposed to do to get an eventual Extension in Time?Go to my local Office and ask for one?And how long before my Extension ends should i do this?
    Thanks for your Help!

  2. Question about Extention of Status # 2
    ugh, how annoying are they! yeah, i would make an infopass appointment and ask them in person. good luck!

  3. Question about Extention of Status # 3
    In case you'd like to commiserate with others in your situation, there's an entire thread about removal of conditions etc.:


    Of course, that one is in the German section

  4. Question about Extention of Status # 4
    Did you have your biometrics done? Try the number from the biometrics appointment letter. those numbers are usually in the system.

  5. Question about Extention of Status # 5
    Danke Infineon und CWR fuer den Link,sorry bei den vielen Beitraegen hier hab ich das rechte nicht gleich gefunden!

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