1. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 1

    I think we need a bigger planet earth

    I knew that there was a German doctor working at the hospital I work at and I saw him once before. Today I actually got the chance to talk to him. So we were talking away and it turned out that he grew up the same city as I did and that he even graduated from the same school!
    That's so crazy! I'm like a couple thousand miles from home, work in a relatively small county hospital in an unknown city somwhere in WA and I meet my neighbor from Germany
    Anybody else had some odds like this happen before?

  2. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 2
    I ran into my neighbor once - from Germany - smack in the middle of Manhattan in an elevator. I was leaving and he was getting on. It took a few seconds to realize who I just ran into... so just as the doors were closing, I yelled out his name and he yelled out my name. So I grabbed the doors to keep them open. He got out and we went for a coffee around the block. He was there on vacation and was meeting up with a friend that worked in the building - a former exchange student. I was in the building to close on a biz deal with a client (different company though). Crazy stuff!

  3. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 3
    Oh these things happen to me rather often...

    When I worked in the Ski Rental Store back in 1998/1999 (two winter seasons) I met of course thousands of ppl... from all over the world, but the Israelis kind of stayed in my mind.

    Years later, I am sitting in the University in Tel Aviv, waiting to write a test, a girl comes in, that looked rather familiar... I asked her, if she is from this and that family who rented skis.. she was absolutely shocked to see me sitting the test with her (and to remember her from seeing her maybe twice in my life)...

    Also.. years after the sport store... I went to a museum in Tel Aviv.. and ran into an older lady who rented skis for her grandchildren.. a girl and a boy (yes.. freakish.. bit I remember those kind of things).. she was absolutely shocked.. but thought that it is wonderful to meet ppl again at the other side of the world.

    (just two of many examples..)

    I like it, that the world sometimes does feel "small"..

  4. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 4
    I have a friend living in the same town; she grew up in my hometown, went to the same school, we have some of the same friends.
    I found her online on wkw ... we didn't know each other back then, but we do now

  5. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 5
    I remember about 10 years ago, attending some kind of "social event" (if you can call it that) in the small and generally unknown town of Walla Walla, Australia, I met a couple who not only had friends in my (rather small and generally unknown) hometown in Germany, but actually had visited there recently... that was the only time I ever met anyone outside of Germany who not only knew but also had been to my hometown... in the "Middle of Nowhere" [no offense - loved it there!], of all places.

  6. I think we need a bigger planet earth # 6
    I had another experience like this once in Ireland. Went there with my dad, my sister, and my step-mom. We were traviling along the shannon river on a houseboat and there were watergates here and there we had to take to get down the river. As we were waiting, there was another boat parked right next to us and as I was looking over there, I saw a friend from school like one grade under mine. I mean considering the length of this river it was a big coincidence to meet her right there in one of the hundreds of watergates.

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