1. Motorcycle pictures # 1

    Motorcycle pictures

    Hello everybody! I thought it would be fun to see what people ride out there.

    I just got a used Honda CB1. I took the Basic Rider Safety Course last year and will take the Experienced Rider Safety Course next month. I looooove, love, love to go ride out by our house. We live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline drive is right around the corner.

    My husband rides a KTM 690 Supermotard. He really enjoys his new bike too. Funny though, because he used to like Streetfighters and Roadracing.

    So what do you ride? Whats your story? I would love to hear it!
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  2. Motorcycle pictures # 2
    Retailer JJ
    SWEET Ride you got !

    Mine is a BMW K100 RT that I picked up in Ohio and drove all the way back to my home in Florida.
    It was a smooth ride. She is a honey. I ride a long the coast and commute with her once in a while.


  3. Motorcycle pictures # 3
    NICE! I like the BMW's... I know I wont ever own one, just cause I dont fit on it. 5"1 limits me a little bit, hehe!

  4. Motorcycle pictures # 4
    Hubby is going to get a Bike early next Spring.
    American of course, Harley.
    Nothing big and fancy, just to go to work and back.

  5. Motorcycle pictures # 5
    wie waer's damit?? I mean: how about that one?
    Anhang 1054
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  6. Motorcycle pictures # 6
    I didn't ride a bike since I came here to the USA. I was riding for years in Germany.
    This year I couldn't resist anymore so I bought a new bike. It's a 250cc Hyosung.
    I like riding this bike and the quality from the bike so I want to buy the bigger one from this company ASAP.

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