1. N400 Interview # 1

    N400 Interview

    I have my ïnitial N400 interview coming up, and was wondering what to expect. Any advice would be welcome.


  2. N400 Interview # 2
    The Memphian
    What do you mean by "initial" ? I only had one single interview.


  3. N400 Interview # 3
    My inivtation to the interview reads "initial" interview, which surprised me because I thought there was just one interview. Maybe I am misinterpreting the wording. How long ago did you have yours?

  4. N400 Interview # 4
    i've never heard of several interviews.

    anyway, the one i know of is about the following:
    -double checking the info on the application;
    -history etc. test;
    -english test (quite a joke).

    that's about it. took me 15-20 minutes two years ago.

  5. N400 Interview # 5
    I only had one interview also. (why should there be more than one?)

    English test was quite easy, the civic test (I think 6 questions) was easy too. I was just asked basic questions (computer generated).

    No big deal if you are prepared.

    (My interview was 2 months ago)

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