1. Experience with VisaPro? # 1

    Experience with VisaPro?


    Does anyone know the website and services of Visapro.com?
    Is it safe to apply for/process a visa through them?

    Thanks for any answers,


  2. Experience with VisaPro? # 2
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    Does anyone know the website and services of Visapro.com?
    Is it safe to apply for/process a visa through them?

    Thanks for any answers,

    what kind of visa you wonna go for?

  3. Experience with VisaPro? # 3
    here's a small sample of prices

    H-1B visa Regular Process
    Legal Fee - $1,390*
    Filing Fee - $1,070 to $2,320
    Premium Process
    Legal Fee - $1,390*
    Filing Fee - $2,070 to $3,320
    Processing Time 4 business days

    K-1 PRICE
    Legal Fee - $890
    Filing Fee - $455
    Processing Time 1 week

    B-2 PRICE
    Legal Fee - $295
    Filing Fee - Varies

    are you willing to pay that much for sth you can take care of yourself?
    visas are expensive enough and take long enough, paying extra just to have your paperwork go through another set of hands won't make things faster. USCIS immigration forms are self-explanatory and detailed instructions are provided

    do your homework and don't pay people hundreds of dollars to put your name and address down and tell you to go get a birth certificate and a police certificate

  4. Experience with VisaPro? # 4
    Yeah what kind of visa are you going for?
    It can all be done yourself,its really not that hard.
    The internet and forums helped me with my visa.

  5. Experience with VisaPro? # 5
    Da Sabi auch deutsch kann, mach es selber.
    Wenn's kompliziert wird frag hier nach und spar dir das Geld fuer was anderes.

  6. Experience with VisaPro? # 6
    Sabi my sister went with VisaPro and had a lot of problems getting return calls and paperwork has been lost. I did the conditional GC myself, it wasn't that hard. I only have a lawyer now, due to applying for my permanent GC and my divorce.

  7. Experience with VisaPro? # 7
    Tjarko & Sarah
    You really don't need an agency to fill out your paperwork. Like Dee said DO IT YOURSELF.
    Get the papers together and do your research like everybody else did and you'll be fine. I promise! I went through it myself

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