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  1. TV Shows in Europe ... # 1

    TV Shows in Europe ...

    The wife of all and yours truly have been visiting GOA Nov 1st to the 15th, and during that time I got to see some of the TV shows that are running right now on both side of the water.

    I can only say "BOOOOO!!" to the german translators and 'voice talents'. Not only do they make serious mistakes in the translations, but in many shows the show really looses it's character due to bad translation and bad voice talents.


    The Closer. You just can't have a Brenda talking in her best piefkonen dialect (just as anybody else)

    Bones: Part of the charm of Bones is her absolute dry humor and misunderstanding. If you translate that (as it is being done) with a stupid blonde voice and dialog, well of course the show does not have the same success.

    House. Same thing. The dryness of the humor is not communicated, ....

    And I could go on and on. I ended up in NOT watching TV because I got upset by absolute BAD and WRONG and destructive synchronization.

    <steps off his soapbox>

  2. TV Shows in Europe ... # 2
    I agree.....had the same experience with "Friends" and "Dallas"....

    And it's not only the TV shows.....once you are used to the real voice of a famous actor, you can't go to a movie theater in Germany anymore because the "German voice" sounds so horrible in your ears

    But that's not a new phenomenon....I was a big fan of "Dirty Dancing" when it came out when was it...in the 80s? And the famous line at the end of the movie "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" then had the glorious German translation "Mein Baby gehoert zu mir, ist das klar?"

    And it's the same with books that were originally written in English.

    So the only solution is to watch/read American movies/shows/books in English and German movies/shows/books in German

  3. TV Shows in Europe ... # 3
    It's the same with the Simpsons. Once they translated role model with "Rollenmodell", a word that I don't even know in German. I knew lots of movies in German and when you see the original version it's always surprising to see what the translators did to the poor thing. You can't always translate humor

  4. TV Shows in Europe ... # 4
    I agree...mostly...but I used to watch The Nanny in Germany, I can't watch it here her voice is just too much
    Also, when they have 'German' characters in movies here and they all don't speak German or with such heavy accent that it's hard to understand them at all...

    Maybe we should all offer our help synchronizing...and making big bucks


  5. TV Shows in Europe ... # 5
    With most talkshows I noticed that a lot of the translatore don't seem to know all the words. A lot of them just end up in *beep *beep* *beep*

  6. TV Shows in Europe ... # 6
    Zitat Zitat von Mela Beitrag anzeigen
    With most talkshows I noticed that a lot of the translatore don't seem to know all the words. A lot of them just end up in *beep *beep* *beep*

  7. TV Shows in Europe ... # 7
    I can't stand watching US shows in German. That's why I only watch Tatort and Lindenstrasse whenever I am in Germany

  8. TV Shows in Europe ... # 8
    I was really shocked when I first heard Keanu Reeves' real voice....... his movies I'd rather keep watching in german.
    But I guess he doesn't really act anymore (haven't heared about him in a long long time - what has happened?), so the problem should be solved in this case.

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