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  1. Need some advice # 1

    Need some advice

    My 2 year old goes to the Base daycare and lately she comes home with bad language she picks upf rom other kids.
    Last Friday they called me at home and asked me to come get her because she started hitting other kids.
    She hasn't been like that before she went to Daycare and now we wonder if we should change Daycares or keep her at home.
    Anybody has some advice?

  2. Need some advice # 2
    Why is she going to a daycare anyway? She is in a learning age and thats why she gets what she sees. Some kids start hidding if they cannot express them selfes, its a kind of language. I knew somebody whos child did the same thing, because she could not speak right, she tried to hid and communicate in her way. If you have the chance to keep her at home, do it and watch her how she is behaving at home. If you want her to be with other kids, take some classes for her like gym or something. Maybe it was a rush for her to be with so many kids at one time? She is still very young.

  3. Need some advice # 3
    You might be right.We put her in Daycare so she could play with other children and learn to socialize.

  4. Need some advice # 4
    Maybe its to early for her to socialize. Do it step by step. Try like classes or a playgroup. If you can orginize that and get others together. That way you will be with her and that would give her confidence. And then see how she is doing and maybe in a few months you can try the daycare again.

    But back to your first post, was there a reason why she hit somebody?

  5. Need some advice # 5
    They said she didn't want to share the toys she was playing with and some other girl tried to take it so she hit her.
    Apparently with the toy because the little girl had a bruise on her forehead.

  6. Need some advice # 6
    I would keep my child at home, with 2 years old, she needs her momy.. Go to the playground and let her socialize there,but Daycares are for people that don't have another choice since they work.
    My kids didn't go anywhere until they were older. My grandkids, ( which is too sad) are in Daycare since they were 6 weeks old, Mama is working and they were constantly sick, and are very lonely.
    My oldest granddaughter, now 4 told me one day, Oma,I'm moving in with you. I said, Baby, your Mommy would not be happy and she answered: Oma, Mama at work, grandpa at work, nana ( the other grandmother ) at work, Mea ( her name) in school, I want to move in with you. Because every weekend we had her, we would do stuff with them,go to the Park, the Zoo, the Playground, the Mall, sit down and play with them, sit down and eat on 1 table, we spend the time together. That is what I did with my sons and I do it with them, to the point that she wants to move in with me and my husband. Don't do that to your baby. Keep her at home, she'll learn to socialize in school and that is early enough.

  7. Need some advice # 7
    Thanks for all of your advice.
    Guess me and my husband have to sit down and talk about this.

  8. Need some advice # 8
    Hi Tummy,

    I just can say - watch out, because those are the most "tender" years and if your kid starts picking up the wrong words already ist very bad sign and you might rethink and if you have no choice but bring her to another kindergarden or raise her at home. It's very important for this age, that kids learn how to behave - otherwise you might have problems when she goes to her teenage years. Please Tummy, take it seriously and don't wait....

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