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  1. i would like to know what you think # 1
    challis girl

    i would like to know what you think

    i am not sure this is the right place to post this but i am kind of upset about something.
    last year i introduced a mutual friend of ours to another friend that leaves out of state.
    they are both divorced and my age.that was in the middle of july last year. the court ship moved real fast and the end of october she moved to the state he lives in.
    he shares the house with 2 of his 3 children. they are over 21.
    he is on the road alot and she knew about all of this beforehand.
    well lately she does nothing but compalin and put him down as well as the kids and noone can do anything right. they are all out to get her.
    since has moved she has not even looked for a job.
    she sort of lives of him but treats him bad and complains. i have told her if you cant stand him move out. she ahs no kids its just herself and a few belongings.
    they would fit in a small u -haul trailer.
    i have told her what i think and now she is amd at me.
    my husband tells me i should have said nothing.
    but i know this male friend for 20 some odd years. we know here for 1 year.
    i feel like i should tell him what she has told me .
    should i ? or should i just keep my mouth shut?
    in a dilemma :-(

  2. i would like to know what you think # 2
    you introduced them so you feel bad how this turned out, huh?
    you need to make up your mind - which one of those two is more important to you.
    i'd usually say stay out if it but you're already in deep.
    if you know he's unhappy, it might be that all he needs is a little nudge. tell him about what you and her talked about and tell him you think she's mooching off him and it wouldn't be wrong to kick her ass out.
    20 years of friendship should be able to deal with the truth and your honesty

  3. i would like to know what you think # 3
    Maybe you should tell him in a way not telling him all about your conversation. Just say "her and I had a real interesting conversation which involves you". So that he has the chance to ask her himself. If she doesn't tell him you can still inform him about the details.

  4. i would like to know what you think # 4
    challis girl
    thanks i think thats what i will do.
    he will be up here next week and we can talk face to face.
    he is more important to me than her.my husband and i have been friends with him since our time in germany.

  5. i would like to know what you think # 5
    well then tell him that - tell him he's important to you and that's why you can't keep your mouth shut and watch her walk all over him (might wanna rephrase that a little bit though, i am usually not very subtle)

  6. i would like to know what you think # 6
    challis girl
    subtle what is that
    very outspoken at times..............not always a good thing.

  7. i would like to know what you think # 7
    Am usually also absolutely outspoken but when it comes to somebody elses relationship I prefer to hold back a little bit for you are never really 100% in there and I believe it's up to those 2 people to figure it out. Yet, sometimes a hint that could help and also leaves the chance to explain things to those people is a legitimate thing to do.

  8. i would like to know what you think # 8
    Sag mal, werde nicht klar bei deinem threat, ist es jetzt eine Frau oder Mann von dem du sprichst? Du schreibst einmal he dann her, und ist es eine Deutsche oder Amerikanerin?

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