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  1. AuPair needs help, court date # 1

    AuPair needs help, court date

    I am an Aupair in transition and at the moment I live with my hostfamily in New Jersey. I have a problem because I had an accident in February. I drove on an icy street (my car was very old and not good on snow) and I crashed into another car (i Couldn't stop) I got two tickets because of unlicensed driving (the police officer told me that my international drivers license which I gve to him is only valid with my passport) and because of foillowing to closely (tailgating). i had to go to court in Februaty but it was too crowdee so I have to come back in April. I am in transition that means I have to find a new hostfamily within two weeks or I have to go back to Germany ( the accident is not the reason for leaving this family). So I tried to reschedule the date but it didn't work and I still have to go there in April. The whole situation is very scary for me because when they think that I am guilty I will get 5 Points and a high fine and I don't know anything about my rights. Maybe you know somebody who was in the same situation or you know a lawyer? I am confused and don't know what to do, please help me...

  2. AuPair needs help, court date # 2
    Ask the representative of your au-pair agency/company for help.

    Also, the car you drove should have some kind of insurance and you should have been reported to the insurance company as an additional driver. So the insurance company will be able to help you too.

  3. AuPair needs help, court date # 3
    I guess you speak German. If nobody answers you, I would actually post that in the German section under Visa, Greencard etc. or Tipps because not that many people in the forum scroll that far down and read that and most speak German. Good luck!

  4. AuPair needs help, court date # 4
    She does speak German.....the same was posted in German on another board

    I agree with Karin.....ask the Au pair orga for help.

    If you actually have to leave before your court date, send a letter to the court and offer to pay the fine. That way you have a "clean slate" in the US and won't have problems in case you want to come back some other time.

    That's just my 2 cents, though....I'm not a lawyer

  5. AuPair needs help, court date # 5
    Well, quite the mess you're in there... what did your parents suggest you do?

    I'd agree with Karin in that you should report it to your agency immediately, actually you probably should have done so right way when it happened.

    May I ask why you didn't just pay the tickets in the first place and instead let it go to court? And why didn't you have proper identification with you?

    Regardless, if the court is not willing/able to reschedule maybe they can appoint a representative for you or settle out of court if that's possible. Have you contacted a lawyer?

  6. AuPair needs help, court date # 6
    There is no doubt that you are guilty, so can you just pay the fine and be done. If you do not contest it there should be no need for a court date. Or, you can hire a lawyer and have him represent you in court, but I can't see why that would be preferable.

  7. AuPair needs help, court date # 7
    [EDIT] Sorry, I forgot that this is the English only section ^^ SORRY! [/Edit]

    Musst Du vors Gericht wegen den Tickets oder dem Unfall? Weiss ja nich wies bei Euch in NJ gehandhabt wird, aber hier unten in Alabama muss man nur vors Gericht wenn man der Meinung ist, dass man das Ticket nicht "verdient" hat. Wenn man hier ein speeding ticket kriegt z.B. kann man die "Strafe" gleich zahlen und muss nicht bei Gericht erscheinen...die Verhandlung wird Dich naemlich noch mehr kosten, falls Du verlierst. Das wissen viele bloss nicht. Und fuers Auto gibts ja hoffentlich ne Versicherung..

  8. AuPair needs help, court date # 8
    since she got a ticket for driving w/o a valid license it's not so easy. dunno if you can just plea guilty and pay a fine. would be surprised.
    i would go with the suggestions to contact the agency. they probably can refer you to an attorney if needed.

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