A cute prank :)

  1. #1 A cute prank :)

    A cute prank :)

    Ok.. Not sure.. if this was ever posted here.. but I just got it from a friend of mine and it is too cute not to show it..

    "never close your eyes when you kiss"


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  3. #2 A cute prank :)
    thanks, you made my day...so funny

  4. #3 A cute prank :)
    So cute Thanks!

  5. #4 A cute prank :)
    I am sitting here giggeling in the lab
    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. #5 A cute prank :)
    That was really good!

  7. #6 A cute prank :)
    You are so evil. I like it.

  8. #7 A cute prank :)
    Zitat Zitat von kojak Beitrag anzeigen
    You are so evil. I like it.
    yep I am.. have always been and always will be ...

  9. #8 A cute prank :)
    Cowgirl 2
    It was so much fun looking that video!
    Thanks for sharing!

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