1. adoption # 1



    hab ne bekannte die ist gerade in china um ein maedchen/ bay zu adoptieren. alle vorbereitungen, reise, papierkram etc wurde durch ein waisen organisation erledigt.

    natuerlich hab ich sie gefargt wie es denn so mit dem papierkram aussieht (china) leider wusste sie nicht so richtig.

    hier ist meine frage:

    was sind von einem ausland adoptierte: geborene us citizen, oder naturalisiert?

  2. adoption # 2
    Heiner............. english only! What's the matter with you?

  3. adoption # 3
    There are two legal ways to bring an adopted child into the country. Please review the differences, as they are important to your successful adoption.
    Immigration/Adoption of child based on 2-years residence through submitting Form I-130: If you adopt a child before the child turns 16 (or 18, as described below), and you live with the child for two years as the child’s primary caregiver, then you may file an I-130 petition for an alien relative. The petition may be filed after the 16th (or 18th if a sibling) birthday, and the two years may culminate after the 16th (or 18th) birthday. (Please note that, generally, all qualifying criteria must be established BEFORE the child may enter the U.S.)
    Immigration/Adoption of an orphan through submitting Form I-600: If you adopt or intend to adopt a child who meets the legal definition of an orphan, you may petition for that child at any time prior to the child’s 16th (or 18th, as described below) birthday, even if the adoption takes place subsequently (and in certain cases, the adoption does not occur until the child comes to the US).

    Once they filled out the I-600 the child will be a citizen, but until that point I assume they will still have their born nationality.

  4. adoption # 4
    thats all done.they just had to pick up the us passport from the embassy.
    but what are they later on in life?

  5. adoption # 5

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