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  1. A Drivers Rampage # 1

    A Drivers Rampage

    Hmm....here is a madman, who delibertly tries to run over pedestrians, but since he is a muslem, this is not news worthy????

    I think it is a outrage, that so little news coverage was done.
    Because the liberal media does not want to * racially profile*.

    this is more importend then a white male poygamist , who is not out to kill innocent people.

    why are we so afraid to offend, when there not????


    I think its news worthy.

  2. A Drivers Rampage # 2
    Golly gee whiz...

    1. This was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle. Apparently you do not count them as part of the "liberal media"? I bet any other time you would.

    2. KTVU WKGO Inside BayArea KCBS NBC SanDiego -- Enough media coverage for you?

    3. Where does it say the guy is a Muslim? I've read the article twice and I'll be damned if I can find any reference to his faith. You wouldn't jump to any conclusions just because of his name, now, would you?

    3. If you actually did some research before posting (one simple Google search would be enough) you'd see that the guy is described by his family as "mentally unstable" and that he "wanted to kill a cop". Tell me again how his race and/or faith is relevant and warrants any special attention by the media?

    4. Speaking of being afraid to offend people, obviously you are not.

    5. Please explain to me how the capture of a Polygamist leader of 10,000 who is on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list is not newsworthy? Perhaps we can next discuss whether his practice of selecting underage brides for his geriatric pals and him expelling boys and young men from his "family" so that his church elders had a better selection of women from the flock is bordering on modern slavery, nevermind committing statutory and/or actual rape.

    Given the choice of reporting a freak occurence vs. an ongoing investigation and manhunt that affects thousands, I know what my priorities are.

  3. A Drivers Rampage # 3
    my priorities are with my future , the future of my kids, and the future of this country.
    Or do want to live under Sharia Law???
    Because if people turn a blind eye, thats whats gonna happen.

  4. A Drivers Rampage # 4
    So what you are telling us is that you would not mind living in a fundamentalist polygamist society as long as it is not based on the Quran? Because to you Jeff Warrens is apparently just some old git who has no effect on our society at all?

    And precisely what are we turning a blind eye to? How much or little money is being spent to treat mental illnesses in this country? Well, I hate to break it to you, but for that you better direct your attention to Washington, DC and not to Islamabad.

  5. A Drivers Rampage # 5
    that's right, he does not effect me personaly.
    I am not saying, that it is right.
    HE should be punished.
    But the islamo fashists are a bigger treat, not only for this country, but for our society.
    You live in your world, and deny it, I am a realist and see what can come.

  6. A Drivers Rampage # 6
    Yes, you obviously live in your own world. This reflexive fixation of yours on anything Islamic is bordering on paranoia. This rampage was an act by a mentally ill person. His faith, race, culture or national origin had nothing to do with what he did and why he did it, no matter how much you like to pretend that it did.

    Getting from a mentally unstable person to the establishment of an "islamo fascist" state (and by the way, stop watching Fox News. For made-up words the Colbert Report is more suitable) here in the US is a stretch, to say the least. One demented person in California has precisely the same influence on your life as another one in Utah/Arizona/Nevada.

    In the immediate future, fear-mongering by the extreme right has a much bigger impact on this society, as you so capably demonstrate. To quote a not-so-wise person: "You live in your world, and deny it, I am a realist and see what can come."

  7. A Drivers Rampage # 7
    I my god, they all claim there mentally Ill.
    I don't buy it anymore.
    And it is not a fixation, it is reality.

    oh, is a polygamist trying to blow up planes, trains???

    Who went into a jewish synogoge and shot 6 woman, one pregnant, killing 1 and the rest are injured???

    Oh, yeah , I am a extrimist.
    give me a break.

  8. A Drivers Rampage # 8

    what are you making out of this?
    this case was all over my news. this guy flipped because he is sick, may be, because he just got marriaged, (arranged in india) may be, because he still lives at home.....

    the future of the country is not on the line...believe me



    the problem is that criminals are getting way to much news time. i wished the victims would get the same time

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