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  1. learning German - book recommendations? # 1

    learning German - book recommendations?

    My S.O. would like to learn German, so I had a look online for a decent book, suitable for a beginner who'd like to teach himself German.
    Alas, I couldn't find a good one yet.
    One that's explicitly "for teaching yourself" has all explanations in German. Very helpful, indeed, for a beginner . Others are too complicated to understand unless you have a degree in Greek and Latin. Again others are too colloquial (slang changes extremely fast in German), or teach stuff that nobody needs IRL.
    After a 6 months search I am at the verge of giving up.

    Do you happen to know any recommendable books?
    How did you learn German?
    (naaah, you native speakers don't count! I mean your respective wives/hubbies/GFs/BFs/SOs)

  2. learning German - book recommendations? # 2
    Yes I do

    I am a native speaker, but meine bessere Haelfte is learning German. He is using two things:


    It is really great for learning how to talk in any language, it does not teach you how to read though. I am using the Pimsleur method to practice my Japanese

    And we have this little booklet:

    Again, I used the same to learn some basic Japanese. It tells you a bit about the culture, spelling, just the grammar necassary to get by, etc. I really liked it.

    Personally I recommend taking a course, if you want to learn more than just the basics, or at least have someone native teach you - it is quite easy to misunderstand the books or mishear the tapes - although Pimsleur really does a great job.

  3. learning German - book recommendations? # 3
    I have the Kauderwelsch one, but it explains the grammar in such a complicated way that it puzzles even me (I'm a native speaker, too).

    The other one looks interesting, though. Thanks for the link! *huggles*

  4. learning German - book recommendations? # 4
    Zitat Zitat von Huggle Beitrag anzeigen
    I have the Kauderwelsch one, but it explains the grammar in such a complicated way that it puzzles even me (I'm a native speaker, too).
    Well, could be BECAUSE you are a native speaker We just know the language and never learn it formally. Those are different learning processes. But I guess, it depends on what suits you best - there are so many learning guides out there, maybe because we all think and learn differently.

    Have you ever tried borrowing those guides from you local library and testing them?

    lG anma

  5. learning German - book recommendations? # 5
    yes. I borrowed a few books from the VHS which they use in their evening classes. But all of them require a teacher. And they focus mainly on business German.

  6. learning German - book recommendations? # 6
    i´d also recommend german newspapers or magazines about a hobby of yours.
    you will see you will learn in a different way, not frontal education like at school.
    sometimes this can be a really good channel to get to know the foreign language !

    also movies or tapes/cds would be very helpful.



  7. learning German - book recommendations? # 7
    So how is the progress going on your German?? Did you buy books or take a course?

  8. learning German - book recommendations? # 8
    The best way to learn german is to speak german...what a coincidence.. I have the same problems learning english. All Books available in stores are based on business english and complicated.

    I also agree to bluemarkus, CDs and movies are helpful, more helpful than newspapers because you hear how to speak

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