1. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 1

    you might be a "Floridian" if...

    My friend is from Miami and sent this to me - i thought i share it with you guys:

    You might be a Floridian if...
    > "Down South" means Key West
    > "Panhandling" means going to Pensacola.
    > You think no-one over 70 should be allowed to drive.
    > Flip-flops are everyday wear.
    > Shoes are for business meetings and church.
    > No, wait, flip flops are good for church too, unless it's Easter or Christmas.
    > Sweet tea can be served at any meal.
    > An alligator once walked through your neighborhood.
    > You smirk when a game show's "Grand Prize" is a trip or cruise to Florida.
    > You measure distance in minutes.
    > You have a drawer full of bathing suits, and one sweatshirt.
    > You get annoyed at the tourists who feed seagulls.
    > All the local festivals are named after a fruit.
    > A mountain is any hill 100 feet above sea level.
    > You think everyone from a bigger city has a northern accent.
    > You know the four seasons really are: almost summer, summer,
    not summer but really hot, and Christmas.
    > It's not soda, cola, or pop...it's coke, regardless of brand or
    flavor, "What kinda coke you want?"
    > Anything under 95 is just warm.
    > You've hosted a hurricane party.
    > You go to a theme park for an afternoon, and know when to get on
    the best rides.
    > You pass on the right and honk at the elderly.
    > You understand the futility of exterminating cockroaches.
    > You can pronounce Okeechobee, Kissimmee and Withlacoochee.
    > You understand why it's better to have a friend with a boat, than
    have a boat yourself.
    > Bumperstickers on the pickup in front of you include: various fish,
    NRA,and a confederate flag.
    > You were 8 before you realized they made houses without pools.
    > You were 12 when you first met someone who couldn't swim.
    > You get angry when people say "Florida isn't really part of the
    > You've worn shorts and used the A/C on Christmas.
    > You know what the "stingray shuffle" is, and why it's important!
    > You recognize Miami-Dade as " Northern Cuba"

  2. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 2

  3. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 3

    late reply but

    def. guilty!

  4. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 4
    The USA-FAN
    :d :d :d :d

  5. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 5
    The USA-FAN
    sorry, that were the wrong smileys...!

  6. you might be a "Floridian" if... # 6
    Well and here we go with the other end of I75, ......

    You Might be a Michigander......

    ...If you define Summer as three months of bad sledding.
    ...If your definition of a small town is one that doesn't have a lake.
    ...If your family breaks into violence during the UM-MSU game (any sport!).
    ...If snow tires come standard on all your cars.
    ...If at least 50% of your relatives work for the auto industry.
    ...If you have ever gotten frostbitten and sunburned in the same week.
    ...If you can identify an Ohio accent.
    ...If owning a Japanese car was a hanging offense in your home town.
    ...If you learned to pilot a boat before the training wheels were off your bike.
    ...If you think Alkaline batteries were named after a Tiger outfielder.
    ...If you point at the palm of your right hand when telling people where you grew up.
    ...If you don't understand what the big deal about Chicago is.
    ...If someone aks you if you've been to Europe and you answer, "No, but I've been to Ann Arbor".
    ...If "Down South" to you means Toledo.
    ...If you have any idea who Bob Ufer was.
    ...If octopus and hockey go together as naturally as hot dogs and baseball.
    ...If traveling coast to coast means going from Port Huron to Muskegon.
    ...If you think "going up north" would be a great vacation....in January.
    ...If you refer to your relatives in southern Michigan as "trolls" or "lopers".
    ...If the "Big Three" can mean either Ford, Chrysler and GM or Domino's, Little Ceasar's and Hungry Howie's.
    ...If a Big Mac is something you can drive across.
    ...If you have no problem spelling Mackinac Island.
    ...If you had to get a passport to go to Ohio.
    ...If you have as many Canadian coins in your pockets as American ones.
    ...If your kid's baseball and softball games have ever been snowed out.
    ...If the trees in your backyard have spigots.
    ...If you know that a place called "Kalamazoo" really exists.
    ...If you bake with "soda" and drink "pop".
    ...If you know what a pastie is.
    ...If you drive 70 mph on the highway and pass on the right.
    ...If your favorite hockey team's mascot is an octopus.
    ...If you have a favorite hockey team.
    ...If you don't have a coughing fit from one sip of Vernor's.
    ...If you know how to play Euchre.

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