Online Shopping Tip: Coupon Codes

  1. #1 Online Shopping Tip: Coupon Codes

    Online Shopping Tip: Coupon Codes

    Came across a clearinghouse for online shopping coupon codes.

    Hopefully this will help someone save a few busck on thier next order online.

    Link HERE

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    I think that's a really good idea (and I didn't know this one, so thanks )

    I usually use ( link ) for coupon codes.

    Another good idea for you:
    It's even better to use those coupon codes PLUS one of those online rebates sites.

    You open the rebate site first, then FROM THERE you click on the merchant you want to buy from. And the rebate site gets a commission from the merchant which they split with you, thus you get a percentage cash back from each transaction.

    The cash back is collected for a few months and when you reach a certain amount (differs from site to site) then they'll send you a check or transfer it into your paypal account.

    I usually use ( link ) as the rebate site, but am currently also trying out (link) and (link). Can't tell you too much about the latter two yet, but I have used for several years now and have received cash back checks for a total of more than 200 $.

    It works especially well with magazine subscriptions where they pay you a cash back of up to 20 or 25%. When you have an additional online coupon code, then you get the magazines really cheap

    But I have also used it for many other things.

    Happy shopping,


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