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  1. report card-proud dad # 1

    report card-proud dad

    my kid just came home with her school report card (7 grade):

    straight a+ in all subjects
    plus a academic honor award
    plus a principle award
    plus the president's volunteer service award
    plus mentioned in united states year book for academic honor students

    what i been saying is:
    she has the beauty of her mom, and the rest..off course from me. lol


  2. report card-proud dad # 2
    Wow Heiner, congratulations for your intelligent daughter!

  3. report card-proud dad # 3
    Congratulations Heiner!! I can just imagine how proud you must be She is a very, very intelligent girl

  4. report card-proud dad # 4
    Na Heiner, da kann man nur gratulieren, ich hoffe du platzt nicht vor lauter Stolz. :-) Hast du dir jetzt ein Schild ans Auto gemacht? My daughter is an honor student at... :-))
    Aber gratulieren tu ich dir wirklich, das heisst fuer dein Maedel eine gute Zukunft.

  5. report card-proud dad # 5
    Glueckwunsch an den proud papa

  6. report card-proud dad # 6
    And once again.......... English only........

    And for once noone can blame it on Heiner!

  7. report card-proud dad # 7
    Oops.....I really did not see that this thread was in the English only-section, sorry

    Well, at least I had one English word in my posting

  8. report card-proud dad # 8
    Zitat Zitat von larah
    And once again.......... English only........

    And for once noone can blame it on Heiner!

    hello larah,

    i looked this time.....

    thanks all, even i am proud, i have to say, it has nothing to do with me. the one's who read my "german" and my "english" know.....<G>

    i do want to share the basics:

    homework is done right when she comes home
    no pc gaming at all (the only one she/ we has is, the Sims)
    book buy 1 book whatever she wants, one book educational
    any test/ reports less then grade a, we go over it, re-study and she re-takes the next day on her own time
    all reports, even due in a week or later are done right away
    tv, same like book buy, 50:50
    internet time (my space) same like book deal

    may be that has nothing to do with it, i don't know, but that is the way we do it.


    this post is not to show off!

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