1. Zukunft Deutschland # 1

    Zukunft Deutschland

    Habe mal eine Frage wie ihr das so seht.
    Wie man die letzten Jahre so sah, ging D. ja den Bach hinunter. Aber ich habe das Gefuehl das es eigentlich nur noch aufwaerts gehen kann. Wie seht ihr das? Ich denke das D. sein Comeback haben wird. Vor allem wenn die EU endlich mal auf den Beinen steht.
    Und wuerde einer zurueck ziehen um das zu unterstuetzen? Sprich als Rentner vielleicht, weil man dann Rente von hier ueben bekommt das man drueben in die Wirtschaft mit hineinsteckt? Oder sein Geld in D. anlegen?
    Also ich will nicht mehr in D. leben, und auch nicht als Rentner wieder drueben anfangen. Auch hoerte ich schon oft, das die USA untergeht wenn die EU steht. Kann ich fast nicht glauben, aber der Euro soll ja mal world currency werden.
    Was denkt ihr darueber, wuerde mich interesieren.

  2. Zukunft Deutschland # 2
    English only please...

    As to your questions... no, I'm not planning to ever move back to Germany permanently again, not now and certainly not when retired. My life, my family and our future is and will always be here.

    I also don't really know whether I'd necessarily say that Germany 'went down the tubes'... sure, it certainly isn't the Germany I grew up in and knew but I'd say that it was simply a normal progression of things, all countries go through those. Look at the Great Depression here in the States... you just have to ride it out and not run away from it!
    So really the question shouldn't have to be would you move back and support a changed Germany but rather why didn't you stay to help pull Germany through its slump!

    But maybe I just have a totally different perspective having watched it all from afar...

  3. Zukunft Deutschland # 3
    there is nothing in germany (may be grobe leberwurst) which makes me think of going back, not even to visit.
    we have had our reasons. following the news, reading daily newspaper, even here on this board, show me, that there a no changes.
    the immigration process was most the important thing i ever did in my live.

    i am proud to be american


  4. Zukunft Deutschland # 4
    I know when the military pulled out of my neighbor hood it left a lot of unemployed people behind. I heard that in the black forrest, factories had to close because the americans were not around to order the Schranks, Clocks etc anymore. Now they are closing Wuerzburg also and some other places.
    More unemployment.
    Mercedes wanted to change his payprocess 2 years ago, the Germans went to the street to demonstrate , 2 years later, Mercedes announced that it will cut big time jobs. 2 years ago, I told my hubby, they German people have to change their perspective of life, they have to change everything in order to keep the country going.
    But instead there are more unemployed people. I still have hope in my heart that it will come back up.
    But when I talk to my family and friends over there, they paint a bleak picture.
    I became a US Citizen because I also don't plan to go back. But there are people that do. My friends always say, not everybody can leave Germany, who stays back to help to get it back on its feet?
    But I didn't leave when it was going down and I had a good job. I left because I wanted to come to the USA.

  5. Zukunft Deutschland # 5
    Germany is not down at all! Germany is the 3rd largest exporter in the world (after the US and Japan), and it currently rivaling Japan for second place! The German economy is still larger than the one of the entire South Americas!

    The problem is that the people in Germany have become kind of whiners over the years of total social security. They lost the ability to look at life realistically, and were mostly in the mood of “what is in it for me”! (35 hour work week, getting aspirin on prescriptions, having the most sick times of any industrialized countries, Kur and Kurlaub, etc.). Now that the realities of the global economy hit hard, German all of a sudden realize that one cannot afford these kind of entitlements anymore. They have to pay now a co-payment at the doctor (they call it entrance fee!!!) like the rest of the world, Kurlaub is no longer (but Kurs are still going strong – no other country has this), for physical therapy the still get into a Kurkrankenhaus, etc. But they also realize that they might have top work a few more hours a week, and they don’t like the idea of loosing precious free time. That means, it is strike time and that is coupled with a lot of whining again how the country is going down the tube! Again, the country is doing quite well, the people are the problem going through this painful learning process.

    My wife and I love Germany as much as we love the States, and we sure will continue to spend a lot of time on the other side of the pond and try to educate the German people one at a time (starting with my sister, who seems to be one of the master whiners!) Without Germany I would not be where I am, Germany provided an excellent education to me and my wife (free of charge even though my wife was not a citizen!) that enables us to have a good income and thus a very good life in the US, and which, in turn, allows us also to drive some of the finest German cars, and to buy a condo in Germany so we have a home there and here! Without Germany all that would not have been possible for either my wife and I!

  6. Zukunft Deutschland # 6
    Hi there!

    Difficult question. Currently the downward trend is leveling off and the jobless rate isn’t increasing anymore. On the contrary, it’s falling slightly. Just by some ten thousend or so but it’s falling. And many key figures are improving as well. So there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll have to see if this will last. Recently I heard that the income of ordinary Germans is nonetheless falling steadily and ranks currently on the 13th place in the EU just before Portugal and Italy, I think. Also, average living standards decreased rapidly over the last decade and are now well below that of the United States and other West European countries. Would I advice you to come back? Well, if you have a university education, why not? Then your chances on Germany’s job market are not bad. If you’re not an academic, then it’s better to stay in the States.
    I agree with dschlei that Germany’s funk has a lot to do with the people’s wish of returning to the old ways of a caring state with all inclusive social security. But people still don’t want to realize that this time is gone and won’t come back.

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