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    Social security number

    I am a international students, i have n't got the social security number yet, that is why i even't can't work on campus, I am going to talk to my ISO( Intl' Student office), i just wanna know what are the disadvantages or barrears of not having the SSN# like can't apply for cell phone, have problem with getting state id, cant work oncampus and i hope to get few more idea from u..

    i would be very greatful if u could provide me with good direction and points to talk about this topic as soon as possible.

    with regards

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    like not being able to maintain a bank account. Like not being able to file your taxes in an orderly manner. I don't quite see the problem... If you haven't done so: Gather your papers (Passport, student visa), head over to your social security office and apply for a SSN. If they take the paperwork, the SSN will be issued within a couple of weeks, the social security card should be in the mail within a few weeks more. If you are in-between, and the card has not arrived yet, you can call the social scurity hotline (1-800 Number) to get your SSN ahead of the card.

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