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  1. Web Email: Gmail # 1

    Web Email: Gmail

    Has anyone heard of Gmail?

    It's Google's foray into the web email arena. The thing I like about Gmail is that with 2.7+ GB (yeah, that's Gigabytes) of space, you can pretty much keep everything. Add in the fact that you can search your email with Google's powerful search tool, and I think it's a definite winner.

    There are other benefits, like the ability to send large attachments, aggressive spam filters, built-in virus scan, conversation view (optional), no op-up ads, no banner ads, completely free, availible in 38 different languages (including German), and free auto-forwarding, free POP3 access, and built-in chat (if that floats your boat).

    Now, it's still in a Beta phase, which means you can only get an account if someone that has Gmail sends you an invitation. That's the only drawback.

    About Gmail

    Now, I mentioned that Gmail is by invitation only. If you would like an account, just send me an email through this forum, and I will reply with an invite.

    Be advised, though, I only have 25 invitations left (but once you sign up, you will have 100 invitations you can send out to people YOU know, as well).

  2. Web Email: Gmail # 2
    ehm, I have a gmail account myself, and I got it about a year ago, and the thing is that you will NEVER run out of invites, because they fill up again. That's gmail's marketing stragety.

  3. Web Email: Gmail # 3

    I've had mine since Iraq. And I only have 25 left.

    I was trying to do something nice for the people that didn't have one.

  4. Web Email: Gmail # 4
    sorry, didn't mean to be disrespectful or anything, it is just my experience

  5. Web Email: Gmail # 5
    After a full year I still have 98 invites left and I have sent out at least 30 or 40 of them...

  6. Web Email: Gmail # 6

  7. Web Email: Gmail # 7
    Caesar, I'd like to try Gmail, I'll send you my e-mail address via pm, ok?

    Thanks for the offer,


  8. Web Email: Gmail # 8
    Thanks Caesar. Gmail is a really cool service. I like it. By the way, I only received 15 invites when I signed up.

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