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  1. Trials and Tribulations... # 1

    Trials and Tribulations...

    aka life's little capers.

    As if it wasn't ebough that I locked myself out of the house the first week here... and the landlord had to come to my rescue with the spare key since hubby wasn't here yet... yesterday my car locked me out!!!
    Since it was only 8 degrees F at the time I figured it best to warm up the car before heading out. So I got in, turned on the agnition and then went back in the house (engine running) to stay warm and get my purse while the car warmed up. I have no idea how the darned thing locked itself with the key in agnition and engine running, never had happened before but there I was locked out!
    The only other key was in hubby's pocket at work 45 minutes away... but what choice did I have?
    Back in the house and phone in hand I realized that I didn't even have his work number yet since he'd just started the new job... so now what?!

    Car is still running, still locked and time is ticking... when I remember a sponsor's package we received a few weeks ago. Ok, of I go on a hunt through boxes of office stuff and finally find the desired folder and thus the work phone number of our sponsor. He was able to give me hubby's number... but guess what, hubby wasn't in. *ARGH*
    So here I was, standing infron of the kitchen window watching my car running locked and I'm sure warm by now, and dialing hubby's number every 10 minutes till I finally get a hold of him 45 minutes later with the result that he loudly laughs in my ear and tells me he'll be home as soon as he can.

    End of story, he finally get's in 3 hours later... 3 hours of car running, locked, warming up *HAH*, polluting and wasting gas... unlocks the car and turns it off... too late for grocery shopping and with the hope of a better tomorrow.

    Just thought I'd share... and see what you have in your little drawer of "horror"...

  2. Trials and Tribulations... # 2
    You poor thing! The same thing happened to me, 2 years ago in germany. Only difference: I had my 2 year old daughter in the car. Actually, I put her in the car and let the engine run so it would warm up for her quickly. Well, I went to the neighbors then and called the police. They arrived in 10 minutes and opened the car with a metal cloth hanger in 3 seconds . And the baby didn't cry or anything, she was warm and cuddled up in her seat. And I had no idea why the car locked itself, never happened before .

  3. Trials and Tribulations... # 3
    that sucks. so far i only locked my keyes inside once but the car wasn't running. had to wait for my room mate to return to unlock the house so i could get the spare key.

  4. Trials and Tribulations... # 4

    Nice to see you can have those days too.

  5. Trials and Tribulations... # 5
    LOL . . . sorry, had to laugh, too

    This happened to my hubby when I first met him all the time. Once he locked himself out of his apartment . . he was in shorts (which looked just like a pair of drawers ) and a t-shirt in April, it was freezing cold . . . he had his cell phone, but not his landlord's number so he had to walk thru town to get to his house to get the spare key.

    Twice he locked the car with the keys inside . . . the car wasn't running and the Police was there within minutes to open it up.

    I had faith and it hasn't happened in over a year **knockonwood**

    I let my car run sometimes, too but I never close the door all the way, I figured cars would do that to you

  6. Trials and Tribulations... # 6
    LOL that was way to funny........sorry........locked my keys in twice and hubby has spare key to it. other then that never locked my self out. by the way i let my car run all the time with the door shut. you must have a weird lock because my dont shut unless i put it in first gear.

  7. Trials and Tribulations... # 7
    Texas Tornado
    I too locked my son in my car, on post in Germany. I had put him in his babyseat after shopping, and was in the process of folding up the stroller to put it in the trunk when I heard a familar "plopp" and the car was locked. How did it happen? After putting my son in his seat, I threw the car keys on the driver seat (for lack of pant pockets) so I'd have my hands free for the stroller. When they bounced on the seat, on key hit the lock-button and after closing the door next to my son, the car locked. Cell phone was in the car as well, so I asked somebody in the parking lot to call the MPs. When they heard there was a little kid in the car, they came - with 5 cruisers, 8 guys... You'd think they'd be able to open the car, with all their equipment and such... No such luck. We were 5 minutes away from them busting in a window when one of them finally reached my husband in his office. He came with his spare keys and we finally got my son out, 45 minutes after I locked him in. Since then, I never left my keys in the car without leaving at least one door open - just in case...


  8. Trials and Tribulations... # 8
    In Germany I locked my car with the keys inside on the day of my Abitur Pruefung...The parking lot was not that safe and I was very worried that my car wouldn't be there anymore, but I also couldn't deal with it, cause of the exam...the whole time I had that on my mind. 4 hours later it was still there and my mom came by to bring the 2nd key...

    Our car now autmatically locks all the doors after you've been driving for a couple of minutes. So maybe that's what your car does, too? I guess to the car running is running whether your inside or not.

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