1. Following process times through uscis.gov # 1

    Following process times through uscis.gov

    Hello everyone -
    I am engaged to a German citizen. We filed our papers near the end of January 2006. When I go to the uscis.gov website for the Nebraska servicing center, they state they are on NOVEMBER applications. Did anyone follow this while going through the process? Does this mean we have at least a couple of months before they even look at our application?

    Also is the beginning part - waiting for the first approval, the longest?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated as Im sure a lot of you know, being apart while waiting is awful!

    Thanks for any comments,

    Avon Colorado

  2. Following process times through uscis.gov # 2
    Hi Brandi,

    basically you are right: according to the website, there is a backlog.
    So theoretically your petition is still sitting in some pile on someone's desk and isn't even being handled yet.

    But it is difficult to predict how the processing times will develop: 1. sometimes they "jump" forward unexpectedly, 2. it is different from case to case. Couples who sent in their petition long after you did might get their approval notice before you, etc.

    Have a look at some of the timelines (e.g. mine and those of steffi79 and Britta2006 plus many, many others) to get a feeling of the processing times.

    I (as the German half of the couple) felt that the time until the petition was approved was the longest, especially since there was nothing that could be done and the outcome wasn't certain (you never know, right...? ). After receiving the package from the US Consulate in Frankfurt, things seemed to speed up.

    But yes, we all know how terrible it is to be apart and waiting for the petition to be approved. But don't worry....we all survived it, and so will you

    Keep us posted about how your case is processing

    Good luck,


  3. Following process times through uscis.gov # 3

    Thanks CW

    Thanks for the comments...I was kind of hoping those processing times were way off but I didnt really believe it.

    I will post the times as they happen to show how the processing times are currently going as forums like this seem way more helpful than the website itself!

    Thanks again,

  4. Following process times through uscis.gov # 4
    Hi Brandi,

    at least the date moved a bit, to the 7.Dec.05 for I 129 F, in the last update.

    I wish you a good day

  5. Following process times through uscis.gov # 5

    Filing time

    My fiance is also a German National, we filed December 27, 2005 and his interview is May 22, 2006. I noticed that when I telephoned USCIS (CSC) questioning the process time we got our NOA2 a couple days later. It won't hurt to telephone them, this causes them to look at your case. Who knows, you may get a quicker response to your filing if you do.

    Good luck.


  6. Following process times through uscis.gov # 6
    I completely agree with CWR. WAiting for NOA 2 is about the hardest and longest time (well, it was only two weeks for us, since we filed in Vermont) since there is absolutely nothing you can do (except maybe for applying for the birth certificate, police record and getting some extra shots). As soon as a case gets approved it seems to speed up a little bit and from then on, it's in the hands of your fiancee and the time until she/he gets the visa granted depends on her/him in some part. Regards

  7. Following process times through uscis.gov # 7
    We have been through the process, did everything, they had offered Pilot-program, we got a letter stating that they are sorry but they could not make it in the 3 month that they wanted to do it.
    Does anybody know if we move to the bottom of the list? Or what is next? I mean we did everything, fingerprinting, interviews etc.

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