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  1. An Army of two # 1

    An Army of two

    The reason for this thread is because I'm a Vet, and I'm about to rejoin the Army with my wife and I wanted to know of anybody's experiences, tips or anything else with the military and their spouses.

  2. An Army of two # 2
    Texas Tornado
    My neighbors are dual military which can be a problem at times with the kids. Right now they are geographical bachelors because she is at the USASMA Academy here and he stayed in Maryland where he is a Vet in the Army. The kids are here with her, she has to bring them to daycare at 5 am. What a drag...The only thing I know is that they are usually entitled to be stationed together, so when one gets orders, the other one can go with him / her. The reason the husband stayed behind is because they own a house there and he has awesome hours and can come down here for a long weekend every 2 weeks...

    Good luch and which MOS are you signing up for?


  3. An Army of two # 3
    Well, though the military tries to keep married soldier couples stationed together it is not a must and does not always work that way... especially nowadays with all the deployments etc.

  4. An Army of two # 4
    I think it's really tough when you're a dual-military couple. If you have kids and both of you get deployed at the same time, the children have to do without both parents for a year. And sometimes it's not easy to find adequate care for them for that time. Also, it's possible that one of you goes TDY or gets deployed or stationed some place while the other one is at a different duty station. And then, when the first one returns home, the other one goes TDY/gets deployed or gets stationed somewhere else like Korea. Military families don't spend much time as a whole as it is these days. But when you're dual military it's even more likely that family time will come short. My respect goes out to all dual military couples, especially the ones who have kids. But I could not imagine having that for our family since military life is stressful enough as it is for us with just one partner in the Army. Good luck to you guys!

  5. An Army of two # 5
    I said that all wrong, I'am sorry, I meant that I will be joining and my wife would then be a dependent, but not in the military, again sorry about the confusion. Oh and to Daggy's question, I was a 19D Scout the first time I was in, but if possible I would like to be in a medical position. I'm still hashing that out with the recruiter.

  6. An Army of two # 6
    well, you and your family will have healthcare through the army. housing will be available for you, depending on where you will be stationed at. off post privat rental is available too. any idea where you will be stationed at?

  7. An Army of two # 7
    No, not yet like I said I still have somethings to hash out with the recruiter, I haven't actually joined yet, I have taken the physical though. If I had a choice I would stay in Germany for a little while, if it had to be stateside I would say Colorado, or California.

  8. An Army of two # 8
    Hm, if you're a vet there is little else to tell you about military life... maybe with the exception of the terrible deployment rate right now, but I don't know when you were in so that could still be the same.

    Do you have any specific questions in regards to the life of a military spouse?
    I assume you weren't married when you were in before...

    And if you don't mind, tell us a bit about your wife... how does she handle seperations, moves, military decorum etc? How rooted is she in her/your current life? Does she realize there is no easy fast out once you're back in?

    As for an assignment in Germany... my guess would be that your chances of that are pretty good... well, atleast your wife would be in Germany, you on the other hand would more than likely end up spending a good protion of that assignment deployed in the desert.

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