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  1. Bush vs. H**** # 1

    Bush vs. H****

    Ohmigod I am a little depressed right now. I was reading and writing in my usual movie forum and found a thread about, yeah, see above.

    I could not believe it. I am not sure where the folks who wrote in all live but no matter how you personally feel about Bush, as a German I am just flabbergasted!

    How can anybody let hatred for a politician get so much out of control?

    Can they not read, do they not want to read, the facts? Don't they know world history, not know it enough? I get Stalin - H***, I get Lenin - H****, I get Idi Amin, or Kim Yong, Mugabe, Bokassa, Ceausescu, Pol Pot. I do not get the Bush comparison.

    Oh and if you are interested in the actual forum quotes (in case you need a really depressing dose of ignorance and hate), I will send them only per PM as I do not want to post them here.

  2. Bush vs. H**** # 2
    Is it a english (american) Forum or a german one? Actually it doesn't matter, it seems to me like there are many many people out there who just enjoy to be (and debate) polemic and this is always a bad thing. And... you can't win in this with facts anyway, because they don't want to know more....

  3. Bush vs. H**** # 3
    You just get that sometimes from people... it is polemic and most likely only meant as a provocation - like that comparision or stuff like the comparison between a congressional filibuster with the holocaust, it is all tasteless and all the same trash...

  4. Bush vs. H**** # 4
    hello marac,

    mh..just wrote a long answer to your post, don't know if i pressed the wrong botton..it's gone.

    i go with pumkin and john_does posting.

    you and i, we know they are wrong, this are the same people who play the gc lotterie.



  5. Bush vs. H**** # 5
    uhhhh.... Heiner you got it, why are you suprised???
    Its always the same group of * hand outs* that write that kind of mess.

    The socialists dream...... they all hate Bush.
    But yet, what to wear Jeans, listen to english music, talk part english, act like they know something.
    pathetic, but I am not suprised.

    have a good night.

  6. Bush vs. H**** # 6
    darn it, it wont let me delete the first one .
    It was a accident.
    So please ignore the last one,it is the same .

  7. Bush vs. H**** # 7
    Well, people compare Bush to H**** because they have no idea who H**** was in the first place. Plus they want to exaggerate and pull Bush's policy into the mud because they disagree with it, so they compare him to the most evil being they know. The fact that such a behavior is childish and shameless is clear to us. Of course we don't get such people.

    Mara, if the following cheers you up maybe a bit: I can tell you that I was also told many times that Bush is like H****. I remember when the protest against the war in Iraq took place here in Elmshorn, every pupil who wanted to take part didn't have to go to school. I was, next to three or four other pupils from my school, pretty much the only one who didn't take part but who went to school instead. Anyway, on the way I could see a guy with a shirt that said "Bush = H****. Same ****, different times".
    It's interesting how those socialists think that they are always right.

  8. Bush vs. H**** # 8
    seems to be always the H**** comparison when somebody is "umstritten". I just saw it a few weeks ago with Karl Lagerfeld .....i cant stand Bush but i dont think he should be compared with H***

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