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  1. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 1

    TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR

    ANWR Drilling Becomes More Likely!

    "WASHINGTON — The Senate brought the country one step closer Thursday to drilling for oil and natural gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (search) after it narrowly defeated an attempt to kill drilling in an amendment attached to the deficit reduction bill.

    "The state of Alaska has been waiting a long time to let the United States of America, which they're part of, share in their abundance of oil, and today we finally have said that it's time," said Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

    "Using backdoor tactics to destroy America's last great wild frontier will not solve our nation's energy problems and will do nothing to lower skyrocketing gas prices," Sen. Maria Cantwell (search) D-Wash., argued in calling for opposition to drilling.

    Cantwell fell two votes short when the Senate defeated her amendment to strip the provision, 51-48. Supporters of drilling say the vote reflects new political realities dictated by higher gasoline prices.

    "The public opinion polls, particularly after (Hurricane) Katrina, have established the American public is in support of opening ANWR to limited exploration and development," said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska."
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    "In an 86-13 vote, the Senate required that none of the oil from ANWR can be exported. Without protecting it, "there is no assurance that even one drop of Alaskan oil will get to hurting Americans," said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a drilling opponent who nevertheless sponsored the no-export provision with Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., who strongly supports drilling in ANWR."
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    Source: Here

    Man, I predicted this after Dingy Harry Reid tried his "Closed Session" stunt on Monday. If the Dems are going to get creative with the rules, then two can play at that game!

    By putting the ANWR Drilling in the Budget bill, the proposal is filibuster-proof, and only requires a 51% majority to pass. Congress has to vote on the Federal Budget as a whole, not just pieces of it. By placing the ANWR provision in the bill, the Republicans are basically muscling it through by virtue of controlling both the House and the Senate. Serves the Dems right for fighting and campaigning against Line-Item Veto.


    Also, take note of the second part of the article (after the line break): all the crude oil that we drill will go directly into the United States' supply. It will be illegal to export the oil, and that makes it gauranteed to go into your gas tank and mine. This is the first step in eliminating our dependence on Middle Eastern oil: drilling and producing our own.

  2. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 2
    Just that there might not even be enough oil there to justify costs, plus of course destroying the wildlife there.
    But yeah, of course it's justified just so that Reps can take revenge. Sure.

    Isn't it a little dangerous for a country and the democracy of a country if only one party is in power? I mean that seems what you're waiting for.

  3. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 3
    What do you mean, waiting for?

    1. We own the White House
    2. We own the Senate
    3. We own the House of Representatives
    4. We're ABOUT to own the Supreme Court.

    Initial estimates suggest: "Drilling would occur on the coastal plane on a 1.5 million acre plot within ANWR's 19.5 million-acre terrain. Available oil reserves are estimated between 4 billion and 12 billion barrels, a six-month to 20-month supply for the entire United States if it were completely dependent on the reserve. Currently, the United States now uses about 7.3 billion barrels of oil a year, or 20 million barrels a day. Almost 60 percent of it is imported."

    Also: Environmental Damage is debatable. I'm pretty sure the Arctic Tundra won't mind. Remember, ANWR is a wasteland. People thought that building the Great Alaska Pipeline would destroy the Cairbou. What happened? Caribou populations increased something like 200%!

    I don't think the measure was envisioned as "revenge", but MAN, justice can be poetic sometimes!

    God Bless the GOP!


  4. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 4
    And who exactly is going to re-create the unique countryside and wildlife resort over there when all the oil has been exploited? And where are "we" going to get our oil from then? Do you really think that putting this proposal into the "Budget Bill" was really just so the Rep. can get back at the Dem for the "Closed Session" stunt on Monday? I am not quite sure but I do believe the idea behind that is existing quite a while longer.

    IMHO, there are a few people out there who only want to maximize their short term profits and do not care at all about anything else (the least about you or me )

  5. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 5

    There is no Source in your post, only "http://here%3C/a>"


  6. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 6
    I don't think the measure was envisioned as "revenge", but MAN, justice can be poetic sometimes!
    1. By the time we exhaust the oil there (remember, it's meant to SUPPLEMENT - that's why it's called a RESERVE), we will have reduced our foreign oil consuption to the point that they will be practically GIVING it away. Remember the last time ANWR was big news? The Saudis opened the spigot, and oil prices dropped 25% almost overnight.

    2. Re-Create the unique countryside? Dude...it's a wasteland.


    When you go and visit the proposed site in ANWR...let me know how beautiful it is. I sure as heck will never know, because like the other 290+ million other Americans, I'LL NEVER GO THERE.

    I'm all about maximizing profits. I'm a Money Hungry Capitalist Pig! LOL!

    Now, in all seriousness, please read the links I have posted before flaming my post. This has happened in other threads. All I ask is: READ THE LINKS.

  7. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 7
    @Michael: sorry. The source is HERE

  8. TWO Can Play At THAT Game! - ANWR # 8
    Ceasar, I'm not flaming your post - I am just sharing my thoughts on this topic. Honestly, I don't care about what they say and how they justify their actions.

    Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, right? Talk to some people here in Seattle and you will find some who think TX is wasteland (which pisses me off BIG time since my wife grew up there, my in-laws live there, and I actually happen to like that piece of earth; well, the parts I have seen so far... )

    Zitat Zitat von Ceasar_MG
    Also: Environmental Damage is debatable. I'm pretty sure the Arctic Tundra won't mind. Remember, ANWR is a wasteland. People thought that building the Great Alaska Pipeline would destroy the Cairbou. What happened? Caribou populations increased something like 200%!
    Actually, the tougher the climate the more fragile the environment. Already small influences could cause severe damage. If the Caribou population increased 200% that could very well mean that the ecological balance got messed up. Maybe that just means, that the natural enemies of the Caribou took the hit, like bear and wolf...?!

    BTW, nothing wrong with maximizing profits itself - just wanted to point out, that I believe that to be the reason for the proposed actions; the SOLE reason.

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